Greater Altoona Girls Softball AssociationAltoona, IA


2021 Tournament Committee

 Brian Ohorilko, Vern King, Blake Kielman, Kari Madole, Alex Weigel, Tia Stiles, Dawn Winter, Reyna Immerfall, Steve Soulis, Kari Price


2021 COVID-19 Committee

Develop and implement protcols to for the Sam Wise softball complex to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission.

Develop and implement protcols for GAGSA tournament and league softball coaches and players to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission.

Steve Soulis, Chelsea Phillips, Brian Ohorilko


2021 Uniform Committee

Kari Madole


2021 Site Manager Committee

Alex Weigel, Kari Madole, Reyna Immerfall


2021 Sponsorship Committee

Troy Lang


2021 Sam Wise Improvement Committee

Alex Weigel, Troy Lang, Blake Kielman, Brian Ohorilko, Vern King