Greater Altoona Girls Softball Association Altoona, IA



2023-24 SEP Softball Club Tryouts

Monday, July 31 - Sunday, August 6

8U All Player
Monday, July 31.  5pm-6:30pm
9U All Player
Friday, August 4.  5:30pm-7:30pm
10U All Player
Monday, July 31.  6:30pm-8:30pm
10U Pitching and Catching
Thursday, August 3.  5:30pm-6:45pm
11U All Player
Saturday, August 5.  8:30am-10:30am
11U Pitching and Catching
Wednesday, August 2.  5:30pm-6:45pm
12U All Player
Tuesday, August 1.  5:30pm-7:30pm
12U Pitching and Catching
Thursday, August 3.  6:45pm-8pm
13/14U All Player
Saturday, August 5.  10:30am-12:30pm
13/14U Pitching and Catching
Wednesday, August 2.  6:45pm-8pm

Saturday, August 5 and Sunday, August 6 will be reserved in the event of a weather cancellation earlier in the week.  A registration link for tryouts will be posted in July. 





2022-23 SEP Softball Club Information


Player Costs:

The season will run September 1, 2022 – July 31, 2023 for all age groups.  Individual teams will set their specific practice and tournament schedule.  8U teams will be provided a budget for approximately 5 spring 2023 tournaments.  The remaining age divisions will be given a budget for approximately 8 spring 2023 tournaments.

  • Entry into fall tournaments will be determined by each team and coach and will be an additional expense.
  • End of the season tournaments (World Series/Nationals/Regionals) are not included in the 5 & 8 game budget.  It will be up to the coaches and parents to determine participation in an end of the season tournament.  Expenses for this will be outside and in addition to the regular season games noted above.  Your team’s remaining budget  (not used, cancellations, rainouts) can be used to fund these tournaments.
  • Banners, coaches shirts, and other team expenses will be left to the individual team and coaches.

The fees for the 2022-2023 season are now set. The cost per player and fee schedule for the 2022-23 season is shown below.

2022- 2023  Cost Per Player  8U  9U-14U
Tournament Entry   $225 $360
Uniforms     $150 $150
Indoor Practice Facility $  35   $  35
Equipment/Expenses      $  35 $  35
Insurance     $  21   $  21
Total  $466   $601


2022-2023 Tournament Fee                                                                                      

Capital Improvement Funds



Volunteer Funds  $  40    $ 40
Total Balance per Player    




Fee Payment Schedule

Age Division                                                        8U           9U-14U
Registration for Tryouts $  50  $  50
Sept 15, 2022 $160  $205
Nov 1, 2022   $160 $205
Feb 1, 2023 $155  $200
Total $525  $660



  1. Uniforms
  2. Insurance
  3. Indoor practices. Indoor tunnels rent would be $50 for 60 minutes.
  4. Indoor player fielding clinic with H.S. coaches.
  5. Indoor player hitting clinic (cages) with H.S. coaches.
  6. 8 tournaments - additional tournaments (about $500 each) parents pay for.
  7. 2 weekly practices at complex. Rental would be $35 an hour.
  8. Cage hitting at complex. Rental would be $20 an hour.
  9. Pitching lanes at complex. Rental would be $20 an hour.
  10. Tournament coaches clinics with H.S. coaches.
  11. Indoor practices for beginning tournament pitchers.
  12. Outdoor players fielding clinic with H.S. coaches.
  13. Outdoor players hitting clinic with H.S. coaches.
  14. "I Score" computer program instruction.
  15. Team recognition and refreshments at H.S. game.
  16. Free players passes to one high school game.
  17. Individual and team photo opportunity.
  18. End of season party for tournament and recreation players.



Is there a fee for tryouts?

Yes, there will be a $50 non-refundable fee required to try out.  If your daughter is placed on a tournament team, this amount will be credited to your total.


Who will conduct the evaluations?

Coach Tia, her coaching staff and select college and high school players will be completing the player evaluations during the tryouts. 


What is contemplated in the evaluations of each player?























The scores of these individual outcomes will be collated to determine a total score per player.  Coaching evaluations and in-season stats from the previous season, if available, may also be used to determine team placement.  


How will pitchers and catchers be evaluated and divided between teams?  How many pitchers and catchers will be on each team?

It is important that a program of our caliber has skilled pitchers and catchers throughout each of its teams.  For 10U-14U, our preferred outcome is that each team has 3 Pitchers and 2 Catchers. 

We will rate each player on both overall ability and pitcher/catcher ability.  If a situation arises where a player’s general rank is significantly higher than their pitcher/catcher rank, we will have a discussion with that family about the recommended outcome and the family’s preference.  While it will ultimately be the head coach's decision on positions played throughout the season, a player who does not declare and try out as a pitcher/catcher should not expect to play these positions.  In other words, players expecting to pitch and catch during the tournament season need to “tryout” to pitch or catch.


Can a player tryout for more than one or a different age group than the one she was ‘born’ into?

Players will not be allowed to try out for multiple age groups, but should register for the highest age division in which they desire to compete.  The player will be assigned to the team/age division that is best for our program based on skills, coach evaluations, and available stats.  Players eligible for a younger age group who want to play up will not force out an eligible player within the age group.


Will tournament teams be placed for players that are “odd age eligible” (9U, 11U, 13U)?

GAGSA will continue to do this if the tryout placement fits for the player and program numbers allow.  Players that score significantly higher than their age could be placed with the older team if the Club feels that it will be in the best interest of the player or teams.  These teams are put together when there is a cluster of players that are age eligible and score within a similar range.  Program numbers and evaluation scores will dictate if these teams will be put together or the number of them within any particular age.  In other words, if program numbers do not allow for multiple odd age teams, players could be placed to the next available age to fill teams.



Will a player outside the SEP school district be allowed to try out?

Outside players are allowed to try out, but players within the district will be given priority to participate over outside players for placement on a team.  Outside players that previously lived in the district or participated in the program are considered in-district so long as their participation in the program is without interruption.  The outside players will be placed based on the evaluator’s and SEP Rams Softball Club tournament committee discretion.  The number of teams will be determined based on player and coach availability.


Is a 9th grade player eligible for SEP Rams Softball Club?

9th grade players are not eligible for the “traditional” program, therefore should not register to attend a tryout if age eligible.  If a 9th grade player resides in the district and is interested in finding a team, feel free to contact the tournament director who will attempt to find a team outside of our program to participate in.


What are the expectations of parents and players to be a part of the SEP Rams Softball Program?

We have put all of our code of conduct, volunteer, and capital improvement expectations online. 

It is imperative that you read and understand these.  This code of conduct applies to practices, games, and anytime that would be considered GAGSA time.  We have and will take recourse in given situations where the code of conduct is not followed. 


When will team announcements be made?  On or about, Monday, August 15.  Teams may not start practicing any earlier than August 29, 2022.




2022-2023 SEP Softball Club Teams



Head Coach: Steph Benge

Assistant Coach: Anand Gobin

Taylor Benge

Taylor Blazek

Kadie Cech

Sariya Gobin

Toryn Helle

Maylene Jones

Isabella McDonough

Lilly Reynolds

Laney Sharp

Makayla Waage

Kally Wysong



Head Coach: Brian Ohorilko

Assistant Coach: Kari Price

Halle Clark

Brinley Cope

Alayna Goldsberry

Carly Kielman

Ivy Ohorilko

Karter Price

Kailee Thamontri

Hallie Vander Weerdt

Josie Wadstrom

Berkley Weiland



Head Coach:  Matt Williams

Assistant Coach: Brad Askeland

Tinley Askeland

Maci Brooker

Ainsley Brunner  

Elizabeth Egland

Chelsea Harringa

Riley Lang

Riya Schilling

Hanna Shaffer

Kyli Timmerman

Ella Wheatly

Lucy Williams



Head Coach: Donnie Widlund

Assistant Coach: Scott Richeal

Blakely Askeland

McCaelyn Rae Casey

Chloe Cox

Macie Doyle

Sloane Gaffney

Avery Nelson

Mya Osore

Aubrey Richeal

Carly Weigel

Aurora Widlund



Head Coach: James Nikkel

Assistant Coach: Tanner Johnson

Assistant Coach: Gary Dale

Isabelle Brummel

Hannah Dodge

Ella Immerfall

Kaydence Johnson

Chesney Nepper

Lily Nikkel

Nia Robinson

Jada Rogers

Hadley Rogness

JoJo Smith

Layla Winkel



Head Coach: Betsy Runyon

Assistant Coach: Lindsey Dawson

Assistant Coach: Shawn VanHoozer
Emma Bryant

Adley Dawson

Hailey Dunwoody

Jada Fisher

Ava Love

Jaidyn Moore

Reagan Morgan

Audrey Phillips

Tayton Richardson

Olive Runyon

Claire Sigwarth

Ava VanHoozer



Head Coach:  Kevin Kain

Assistant Coach: Seth Kelly

Eleanor Bierce

Avari DeVries

Kinsley Field

Mali Kain

Brynlee Kelly

Maeci Rogers

Zoey Russell

Jordan Tiedeman

Malia Vander Werff

Arianne Westbrook



Head Coach: Andy Smith

Assistant Coach: Ron Billingsley

Assistant Coach: Brandy Jankowski

Landry Askeland

Teryn Billingsley

Eden Brady

Gracelyn Jankowski

Mya McClaflin

Tessa Russell

Katelyn Shannon

Gia Smith

Eleanor Van Der Brink

Madison Van Wyk



Head Coach: Jared Baughman

Assistant Coach: Scott Enyart

Assistant Coach: Eric Geery

Rorie Anderson

Milly Baughman

Evelyn Egland

Zoe Enyart

Willow  Geery

Shanae Lonning

Emma Rist

Adaline Shields

Kaya Shortell

Mara Vander Sanden



Head Coach: Heather Cox

Assistant Coach: Joe Timmerman

Kamryn Barr

Pippa Bentley

Emersynn Colbert

Lauryn Cox

Mallory Flynn

Harper Hume

Oaklee Smalley

Peighton Timmerman

Alyse VanHoozer

Audrie Williamson



Head Coach: Eric Zisoff

Assistant Coach: James Hines

Assistant Coach: Brad Holtan

Alexandra Baker

Evelyn Bartels

Emily Blumenthal

Landree Cantrall

Malin Dawson

Bayler Hines

Brynley Holtan

Camryn Lauck

Chanel Lester

Paityn McGinnity

Reagan Meyer

Ailah Zisoff