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Player Costs:

The season will run August 2019 – July 2020 for all age groups.  Individual teams will set their specific practice and tournament schedule.  8U teams will be provided a budget for approximately 5 spring 2020 tournaments.  The remaining age divisions will be given a budget for approximately 8 spring 2020 tournaments.

  • Entry into fall tournaments will be determined by each team and coach and will be an additional expense.
  • End of the season tournaments (World Series/Nationals/Regionals) are not included in the 5 & 8 game budget.  It will be up to the coaches and parents to determine participation in an end of the season tournament.  Expenses for this will be outside and in addition to the regular season games noted above.  Your team’s remaining budget  (not used, cancellations, rainouts) can be used to fund these tournaments.
  • Banners, coaches shirts, and other team expenses will be left to the individual team and coaches.  We have 2-3 different Rams apparel opportunities.


The fees for the 2019-2020 season are now set. The cost per player and fee schedule for the 2019-20 seasonis shown below.

2018 - 2019  Cost Per Player  8U  10U-14U
Tournament Entry   $196 $334
Uniforms     $148 $160
Indoor Practice Facility $  53   $  53
Equipment/Expenses      $  33 $  33
Insurance     $  9    $  14
Total  $439   $594
(Net $ Loss to GAGSA Last FY)               ($14)   ($0)


2019-2020 Tournament Fee                                                                                      

Capital Improvement Funds



Volunteer Funds  $  40    $ 40
Total Balance per Player    




Fee Payment Schedule

Age Division                                                        8U           10U-14U
Registration for Tryouts $  50  $  50
Sept 1, 2019 $155  $200
Nov 1, 2019   $155 $200
Feb 1, 2020 $150  $200
Total $510  $650



  1. Uniforms
  2. Insurance
  3. 20 indoor practices. Indoor tunnels rent would be $40 for 60 minutes.
  4. Indoor player fielding clinic with H.S. coaches.
  5. Indoor player hitting clinic (cages) with H.S. coaches.
  6. 8 tournaments - additional tournaments (about $450 each) parents pay for.
  7. 2 weekly practices at complex. Rental would be $30 an hour.
  8. Cage hitting at complex. Rental would be $10 an hour.
  9. Pitching lanes at complex. Rental would be $10 an hour.
  10. 3 tournament coaches clinics with H.S. coaches.
  11. 15 indoor practices for beginning tournament pitchers.
  12. Outdoor players fielding clinic with H.S. coaches.
  13. Outdoor players hitting clinic with H.S. coaches.
  14. "I Score" computer program instruction (new).
  15. Team recognition and refreshments at H.S. game.
  16. Free players passes to H.S. games.
  17. Individual and team photo opportunity.
  18. End of season party for tournament and recreation players.

What are the expectations of parents and players to be a part of the SEP Rams Softball Program?

We have put all of our code of conduct, volunteer, and capital improvement expectations online. 

It is imperative that you read and understand these.  This code of conduct applies to practices, games, and anytime that would be considered GAGSA time.  We have and will take recourse in given situations where the code of conduct is not followed.