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 GAGSA Organization,

Tournament begins 06/01/2020 with Practice 

Rec Spring League has been moved to Fall






2020-21 Tryout Dates Set


Tryouts for the 2020-21 SEP Softball Club will be held on:


Saturday, September 19 & Sunday, September 20


Due to USSSA extending its season through August 31st and the possibility of the majority of the season being played during the summer months, GAGSA is moving tryouts for the 2020-21 season to the weekend of September 19th-20th.  Specific tryout details will be sent out at a later date.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and ask for everyone's understanding and patience during this difficult time.  The GAGSA tournament committee and executive board could revisit our tryout dates if the current USSSA season is extended any further past August 31st.




To see pictures from the 2019 Season, follow us on Facebook.

Another softball season is fast approaching and our board is excited to get the season under way. We wanted to take an opportunity to share with you some changes within the organization. This spring you will see some changes with our website, registration process, volunteer schedule as well as to the complex. This past summer, we received several responses from our survey. From these surveys, along with discussions and planning within the board, these changes were established.  We would like to highlight a few of these.

Website:  You will notice some changes to the look and feel of our website. We have made these changes to help improve online capabilities, including registration and payments, field, cage, and pitching lane reservations/scheduling, game scheduling as well as home pages for each team that will include notifications sent directly to parents when changes to schedules occur or reminders of upcoming events.

Registration Process:  You may have noticed that there were some increases in cost for registration. These increases were added to both our Tournament and League programs equally. For the 2020 Spring/Summer season, the board has elected to not do a fundraiser, but instead will charge a $15 capital improvement fee. This change is not only in response to survey suggestions, but also based on the performance of the fundraiser the past few years. This money will go directly back into the complex to provide more opportunities for the members (complex additions are highlighted below). 

The board also passed a change with the volunteer process. There is a $40 volunteer deposit included with the registration this year.  This money will not be kept by GAGSA, but will be used to pay for volunteer shifts.  Each member will have the opportunity to work a shift (4 hours) and will receive the $40 back. If the member chooses to not work a shift, this $40 will be used to pay for a volunteer to cover that shift. We have added our volunteer schedule to our website and members are able to sign-up for shifts that work for their schedule. This is a change from years past, where entire teams were assigned shifts to cover. This also comes from recommendations received from our surveys this past year. 

Our organization is entirely volunteer based. We generate the majority of our revenue to maintain and improve the complex from hosting not only league nights, but tournaments during the weekend. We are asking each family to work a total of 4 hours to help during the season. If members would like to volunteer for additional shifts, we of course would appreciate that too!

Hosted Tournaments at Sam Wise Softball Complex (Tentative Dates)

  • CIS Spring Blast APRIL
  • CIS Midwest Showdown APRIL
  • Battle in the Burbs JUNE
  • USSSA IA State “B” JUNE
  • USSSA Nationals JULY

Complex: In 2019, we were able to add 2 practice fields on the north side of the complex. This was a GREAT help to both our league teams and tournament teams as we both were getting geared up for our seasons. In 2020, we promise to maintain those fields and are prioritizing additional improvement opportunities for our complex. 

We look forward to seeing everyone out on the fields early this spring. If you should have any questions in the meantime, please do not hesitate to reach out to any of the board members.



by posted 12/23/2019

GAGSA Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 131
Altoona, IA., 50009 

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Batting Cage A - Altoona OPEN (7/6) 
Batting Cage B - Altoona OPEN (7/6) 
Batting Cage C - Altoona OPEN (7/6) 
Batting Cage D - Altoona OPEN (7/6) 
Field #7- Practice Field - Altoona OPEN (7/6) 
Field #8- Practice Field - Altoona OPEN (7/6) 
Field 1 - Altoona OPEN (7/6) 
Field 2 - Altoona OPEN (7/6) 
Field 3 (lights) - Altoona OPEN (7/6) 
Field 4 (lights) - Altoona OPEN (7/6) 
Field 5 - Altoona OPEN (7/6) 
Field 6 - Altoona OPEN (7/6) 
Pitching Ln1: 43 ft(14U) - Altoona OPEN (7/6) 
Pitching Ln10: 35ft(10U) - Altoona OPEN (7/6) 
Pitching Ln11: 35ft(10U) - Altoona OPEN (7/6) 
Pitching Ln12: 35ft(10U) - Altoona OPEN (7/6) 
Pitching Ln2: 43 ft(14U) - Altoona OPEN (7/6) 
Pitching Ln3: 43 ft(14U) - Altoona OPEN (7/6) 
Pitching Ln4: 43 ft(14U) - Altoona OPEN (7/6) 
Pitching Ln5: 40 ft(12U) - Altoona OPEN (7/6) 
Pitching Ln6: 40 ft(12U) - Altoona OPEN (7/6) 
Pitching Ln7: 40 ft(12U) - Altoona OPEN (7/6) 
Pitching Ln8: 40 ft(12U) - Altoona OPEN (7/6) 
Pitching Ln9: 35 ft(10U) - Altoona OPEN (7/6) 
Sam Wise Behind Field 1 - Altoona OPEN (7/6) 
Sam Wise Youth Complex - Altoona OPEN (7/6)