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2022-23 SEP Softball Club Tryout Dates

The SEP Softball Club will hold tryouts August 1 through August 6.  Please plan accordingly.

Monday, August 1 @ 5pm-6:30pm-  8U All-Player Tryout

Monday, August 1 @ 6:30pm-8:30pm-  10U All-Player Tryout

Tuesday, August 2 @ 5:30pm-7:30pm-  12U All-Player Tryout

Wednesday, August 3 @ 5:30pm-7pm-  10U Pitching and Catching Tryout

Wednesday, August 3 @ 7pm-8pm-  11U Pitching and Catching Tryout

Thursday, August 4 @ 5:30pm-6:30pm-  12U Pitching and Catching Tryout

Thursday, August 4 @ 6:30pm-8pm-  13U/14U Pitching and Catching Tryout

Friday, August 5 @ 5:30pm-7:30pm-  9U All-Player Tryout

Saturday, August 6 @ 8:30am-10:30am-  11U All-Player Tryout

Saturday, August 6 @ 10:30am-12:30pm-  13U/14U All-Player Tryout




GAGSA College Scholarship Application 

GAGSA has two NEW scholarship opportunities available for Southeast Polk Seniors.  Applications for 2022 scholarships are due on May 31, 2022.  


GAGSA Softball Player Scholarship Application will be presented to a high school senior wishing to continue her education after graduation from Southeast Polk.  The applicant must have participated in the GAGSA program, as well as having played softball for the Southeast Polk Rams through her senior year. 


GAGSA Volunteer Scholarship Application is intended for any Southeast Polk senior who will be continuing their education after high school.  The applicant must have volunteered a minimum of 10 hours with the GAGSA organization during their high school career.  Examples include coaching assistants, volunteer  field crew and concessions workers.  


Concessions & Field Crew Update

NEW age requirements for Drag Drivers and Grill Workers.  15 year olds with a drivers permit are now eligible to work Drag Driver shifts.  Grill shifts are now available for anyone 16 or older.  There are several concessions & field crew shifts available.  This is your opportunity to earn back the volunteer fee paid during registration.  All shifts pay $10/hour.


Construction Update

Construction has started on a multi-year project which, when completed, will bring new softball and baseball fields to Sam Wise Youth Sports Complex.  The original softball and baseball fields were built over 40 years ago.  While there have been several repairs and improvements over the years.  This project represents the first major reconstruction of the complex. 

Thank you for your patience during construction.  We anticipate challenges with parking for most of the spring season.  Our board is working to minimize the impact to our families.  Field 3 will be an active construction site.  We ask you please always keep children away from Field 3.  Construction on Field 2 and Field 4 will begin Fall 2022. 



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Field Status
Batting Cage A - Altoona OPEN (5/20) 
Batting Cage B - Altoona OPEN (5/20) 
Batting Cage C - Altoona OPEN (5/20) 
Batting Cage D - Altoona OPEN (5/20) 
Field 1 (43ft) - Altoona OPEN (5/20) 
Field 2 (40ft) - Altoona OPEN (5/20) 
Field 3 - CLOSED - Altoona CLOSED (5/17) 
Field 4 (lights)(43ft) - Altoona OPEN (5/20) 
Field 5 (35ft) - Altoona OPEN (5/20) 
Field 6 (35ft) - Altoona OPEN (5/20) 
Field 7- Practice Field - Altoona OPEN (5/20) 
Field 8 - Practice Field - Altoona OPEN (5/20) 
Pitching Ln1: 43 ft(14U) - Altoona OPEN (5/20) 
Pitching Ln10: 35ft(10U) - Altoona OPEN (5/20) 
Pitching Ln11: 35ft(10U) - Altoona OPEN (5/20) 
Pitching Ln12: 35ft(10U) - Altoona OPEN (5/20) 
Pitching Ln2: 43 ft(14U) - Altoona OPEN (5/20) 
Pitching Ln3: 43 ft(14U) - Altoona OPEN (5/20) 
Pitching Ln4: 43 ft(14U) - Altoona OPEN (5/20) 
Pitching Ln5: 40 ft(12U) - Altoona OPEN (5/20) 
Pitching Ln6: 40 ft(12U) - Altoona OPEN (5/20) 
Pitching Ln7: 40 ft(12U) - Altoona OPEN (5/20) 
Pitching Ln8: 40 ft(12U) - Altoona OPEN (5/20) 
Pitching Ln9: 35 ft(10U) - Altoona OPEN (5/20) 
Sam Wise Youth Complex - Altoona OPEN (5/20) 
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